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Hey. *possible tw* this time last year I was seeing a ED therapist who was really very helpful. I have been slipping in the past few months, restricting, counting calories and the like. I want to reach out to her as she said if I ever needed to, to do so. But I have a huge fear she'll laugh me out of her office. I've only lost x amount of weight since I last saw her and I just don't know what to do. I want to be free but I feel like I can't seek help till I weigh x. I'm crippled with fear. :(

No no no please don’t listen to the voices you are FAB and beautiful and deserve life, you can get through this and you will be okay and you are not alone xxx Stay Strong xxx

How do you feel about people fasting? For health benefits/spirituality. And of course for those who are mental stable enough and not underweight. Opinions?

I think it is not m place to comment but as long as the person who is fasting is doing it for themselves and is happy then it I okay but the second that person is being forced or unhappy doing it etc then I have a problem with it.

Please help. I want to end things with my bf but not gonna see him in person till Sept. Do I call him or keep things going so I can say it to his face? :-(

I cannot tell you what to do as this is a decision that only you can make, but it depends on how your relationship is and if your bf deserves to be told in person etc think carefully is all I will st xxx

You are a bucket full of sunshine and I love you! <3 <3 <3

Hehe love you too sugarplum <3

What 'set off' your anorexia? What got the ball rolling? Excuse cliches or potential insults xxxx

Hey there I do have a ‘my recovery journey’ section on my page which explains pretty much everything (bar things that I haven’t included for personal reasons) so check that out if you would like :) its rather a long story xxx

My bf is skinny and im not and it makes me feel like he deserves better than a chubby girl like me . He Is beautiful and I am a blob

Hey hey listen to me YOU are YOU and being the size that you are is 100% okay and I don’t want you to compare yourself to him because he clearly loves you for you and that is fabulous and so embrace yourself and embrace the fact that he loves you for you xxx

Can I ask you a question about your past relationship? I totally understand if its a no go but I have personal problems similar to what you had and if you wouldn't mind talking about body image in relationships, like feeling comfortable around your partner and eating/dealing with food around them and things like that etc.... xxx

Of course I’m willing to help :) Send me your questions and I will try my best to give you somewhat intelligent or at least midly helpful advice Xx

You are going to the land of pizza, pasta, ice cream and all things good? :O SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW OLIVE !!! Have an amazing time though! XxXxXx

Yes my friend, oh yes I am and Ima be eating all the delicious foods in sight! SO excited for the PIZZA AND ICE CREAM you reminded me and ahh there will be so many food posts I swear to god haha x

Can you please update us even when you are in Italy? I cannot go 2 weeks without having a post from my favourite recoveryninja :( Also would you consider doing an Italy vlog? That would be awesome!!! xXXx

Hey beautiful soul, 

I can and I will as we are staying in a villa for 2 weeks its like being at home but with the heat, sun and beach so way better basically and I will have free wifi in the villa and will just be chilling by the pool and its a very relaxed holiday so I will have time to update you all. I was thinking of doing the sister tag in Italy its something a bit different and she loves being on camera (however much she may deny it) and yes you will get an insight into my family. Let me know if you would be interested in this? 

Lots of love xxx

NICE THOUGHT CHALLENGE! Once you get this you must say 5 things you like about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers!

Aw thank you ;) 

1. I am told I have nice eyes

2. I like that I am kind and non judgemental 

3. I like that I care about the planet

4. I like my hair 

5. I like my height