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I've had a lot of good days lately and I really enjoy it. I just want to tell you that when I see myself struggeling I think of you and say to myself "make olivia proud". It really works. YOu're my inspiration.

sentimentalsjukhuset this is the sweetest thing in the world, you are an incredible human being my darling xxx

I do think about trying to be normal from time to time but then I ask myself “how fucking boring would that be?” and the answer I end up giving is “VERY”. 

How old are you?

I turned 19 on 21st June, I feel so old don’t remind me ;( xxx

Why are you still on tumblr?

Because I have nothing better to do with my life….DUHH 

Hey sweet girl, what is your instagram/snapchat? X

Instagram: oliviacharlottealice

Snapchat: oliviaca95

Do you have any plans over the summer> ?

No not really, my summer involves volunteering, trying to pass my driving theory test for the 2nd time and other random activities. Pretty boring really! x

Do you ever think that your eating disorder will come back? Do you ever worry that you recovered too fast and that later on in life everything will fall apart? Because I do, I worry about that all the time.

I think everyone worries that they are not free of their eating disorder and that it could come back but you just have to move on and try to think positively. If it happens then it happens but we can do everything we can to prevent it. Embrace the change, be happy that right now you are okay. Xx

TW( cals, numbers) Helloooo beauty okay so ummmm i'm recovering rn but i'm supposed to be doing it in a way in which i don't gain weight but i disagree with my doctor and find it disordered that i do that i'm just not happy.. so now i'm up to 1500 each day (used to be 1200) so you could say with recovery blogs, therapist,and fam i'm kinda doing it on my own but i'm scared bc idk what im doing omg

Hey superstar!

Well done for upping those cals, that is amazing and so strong of you! I can already tell you were born to be a ninja and all you gotta do is keep on fighting! You can do this, you can get better xxx

Ok, so I am 21, and I love your blog. I think it is amazing how you have recovered. I have had similar expiriences... And the last one was 4th of July. I couldn't report it because it was someone who has done it before, and the police thought I was lying... They tried to blame my boyfriend, and kept saying maybe I just felt guilty about cheating, or just wanted the plan b pill. I feel really hopeless, and now I'm a week late... I took a test, but I don't want to believe that barely there pink.

I’m so sorry to hear this angel, please try seeing a doctor as really thats the only way you will 100% know. Its confidential and it will erase the worry that you are having at the moment to just know for sure. I mean obviously if it turns out that you are pregnant then its not ideal but its never the end of the world. There are options, stay strong. Lots of love xxx